The sign that I had to own!

Here’s (I appologize for the quality of the photo) the sign that made me stop in my tracks in a little shop yesterday. The shop is the kind that there’s not many left of, and I love so much. A real “Alladin’s cave” with things from top to bottom, and where you can find tresures (for me anyway) like the above. There’s signs, lamps in abondance, nick-nacks, wases, glas ware, paintings – you name it. I even had the screws to go with my sign. Made of brass, that match the sign, that’s now sitting nicely on my my bathroom door!!! 🙂 I just love that sign and it fits – I do have the bath! Apart from the sign ” I happend to” buy a small plant pot (green) – I have a “line-up” of small plants in my window – it was the huge sum of 5,- dkr. so it was affordable. An angel lying down (have a weakness for them), and a brass bottle opener that has the shape of stirup and inside it has a horse with rider on it – impossible to resist, of course 😉 And I bought a gift for my friend in France.
I’m all set to go, I’ve been down printing out my resevation numbers and to the farmacy for eye drops! The ones I had last time is not working!!! These I have to put in every 2. hour and I can’t use my lenses in between!!! Needless to say it’ll have to wait for when I return!! I can’t do that on a holliday where I’m supposed to relax!!
So now I’m just going to enjoy the evening and look forward to tomorrow……. Take care of yourselves in the meantime!