My American/ German Ancestry

My birthmother Hildegard Charlotte Weide – born Schury was German, (*21st. may 1921 – + 1. February 1965) in Charlottenburg, Berlin. She was married twice, first she was married to Otto Wohlgemuth (*17th. May 1921 in Schweden -?) – 16. juli 1941 in Berlin-Mitte and divorced him in 1950. They had one daughter Michaela Matschass (*23. January 1944) who married her husband (?) Matschass in app. 1964. If she has any children I dont’ know. She has uttered she dosen’t want any contact, but was kind enough to send photos of herself and one of my biological mother.

Hildegard married again 6th. July 1954 to Karl Weide (*23. November 1909 – + 22. July 1969) and they divorced again 15th. August 1961.

A year later she had me on the 14th. August 1962. I was born app. 2 months early, on Auguste – Viktoria Krankenhaus, and was later admittet to Kinderheim Elisabethstifft.

My biological grandmother was Martha Schury born Werner *17.04.1896 in Bad Altheide, Poland +1974. She was married to Otto Hermann Schury (+04.11.1892 in Bernstein, Kreis Soldin, Austria -+?) the 20th. November 1920 in Bad Altheide, Poland.

My biological mother sadly died very young in 1965, and due to that and my sister not wanting contact (and not having much information) I’m a bit lost. So if you can provide any information I’d be most grateful. I’m at present trying to get information on my grandparents from the German autohorities. We’ll see how it goes. I among other things need to know:

If my mother had any brothers or sisters (I don’t think so, but would like to know for sure)?

What was the name of my mothers father and when was he born? (it has been said that he dissapeared one of the last days of the IInd. World WarI) I now know his name, and date of birth as you can see. I’m now trying to get a birthcertificate and a deathcertificate as well. The big surprise was, that he was Austrian. As well as my biological grandmother being from Poland.

The big question is – who my biological father is. I’ve been trying to find him for ages. He is called Robert Jones, and that’s about as much as know apart from the fact that he was born 24th. April 1928. He was an American Soldier in Berlin, Germany, Europe and he was at least there in 1961, but could have been for some time. If you know of an African-American Robert Jones, that fit the description, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

That’s among a lot of questions I have, but if you have any information in relation to any of the above people or you’re related in any way. Please get in touch here or leave a comment.

My family tree on

– 2nd. November 2013

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