Looking for Robert Jones and/or my biological father – please help

Please read this if you know a Robert Jones – also if he has a mittle name, or you know of anyone who was in Berlin, Germany, Europe in the early 60’s.

Robert Jones is the name of my Biological father. Make no mistake, I have a father here, but there’s no running away from the fact that I have a lot of my biological father with me, not least in terms of color. I’m one of those who are interested in my biological family.

As it has turned out, I haven’t been able to find out much about my mothers side either apart from one photo and not so nice information too. I have a halfsister too on that side, but she wants no contact with me, although she did send a photo and a letter way back.

Robert Jones turned up in my hosptital records in two places. I don’t know who wrote him on there if it was hospital staff or my biological mum, but never the less they’d have to have the info from her.

But something is wrong, as no-one has been able to find him anywhere. Here’s is what I have in terms of information and hopefully someone out there might recognise something some day and I might find out who he is or was (I know the risk of him being dead is high as he would now be an old man. Here is what is for certain:

I was in Christorphorus Kinderkrankenhaus, Berlin Lichtenrade! after I was born (I was born 2 months too early – my biological mother was due the mittel of October) the 14th. august 1962!It’s on the papers from there, my dad’s name is on two forms.

He is listed as Robert Jones, born 24th. April 1928 (that’s it – NOTHING ELSE).

From the information given, he must have been in Berlin at least 9 months before 22nd. of October 1962.

The only other information I have, is that he was an African-American Soldier. I have nothing about if he was Army, Navy or what – nothing. No rank or anything. A rumor says he was sort of high ranking, but that’s speculating. And since no-one has been able to find anyone born that date within the system, I take it, that something must be wrong somewhere.

My biological mother was Hildegard Charlotte Weide born Schury. She was born the 19th. May 1921 and died 1st. February 1964. At the time of my birth, she lived in Bismarksstrasse, Berlin, but later moved. She had a daughter from a previous marriage, who was grown up, when I was born.

Please if you know anyone who was in Berlin, ask them if they know of anyone that might be my biological father. With some error in the info somewhere and such a common name, I have almost given up. But obviously I do have a father. The question remains, who is he?

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