Brackley, England 23.-28. november 2006


As most of you know, I recently went to England, more to the point – Brackley which is one hours drive north of Oxford.The foto is from a previous visit but very typical. My dear childhood friend Janne lives over there with her husband and 3 children. Well they’re not really kids anymore but almost grown up. And then there is the little one left who is 5. The logistics around getting to the airport is absolutely genious now! I trotted down and had one stop on the train to Klampenborg St., where I caught the “airport express” directly to the terminal, so my dad’s sweet offer to drive me was totally unneccesary. It all went very smoothly both out and on the way home.

I wasn’t going to stay as long as I’d hoped, but we drove to town on the way home from the airport, and had a nice time there. We had to make the most of the time we had. Next morning we’re off again to do some shopping in Banbury and bought this and that. Among other things we found this shop who had all sorts for your body called Bodycare – in there I bought:

Pure Coconut Oil – Body Wash

and a bath with vanilla and milk, that has the most lovely smell, from a company called
Radox, which is very much used in England. They have a lot of nice things, and aren’t bery exxpensive. could have bought a lot more, but I settled for these now. “Vanilla and Milk soothing touch herbal bath” is a new variaty and is not on their homepage, but gives you an idea, what kind of products they have.

Most of the holliday went with shopping, and catching our breath in between. Janne also had her Christmas shopping to do, so in that way it was all very well. I bought a Christmas present for myself from my sister, a very lovely grey sweater from The GAP which just is georgeous. The exsact one I bought is not there, but it’s short and cable kniting and has a hut and made of wool. Really nice. Gap is a brand I’ve always liked and for unknown reaons isn’t awailable in DK yet, as far as Iknow. So normally I buy something from there when I’m finally over there.
I left Thursday and Thursday/Friday went with shopping. Saturday we had planned to go to horseracing. As you all know I’m crazy about horses, and have always been, and Janne has been riding to and her daughter Sofie likes it as well so of we went. The course is app. 20 min. drive from there, and is called Towcester (udtales: Toaster) Racecourse, and as there was the oppertunity to see some racing while I was there, we went. We were somewhat worried about the weather that had been horrible through the night and the same morning. and there had been flooding several places near by. But it had stopped so we left.

The races that day was mostly hurdel races which I’d never seen before either. The track is large and quiet a differnce in levels. That is the last 500 m is strictly uphill and that’s where the last 4 hurdles are. If you think you’ve seen tired horses before, think again. The horses drageded themselves across the finishing line and the jockes was anything but elegant in their desperate attempts to drive the worn out horses across. Some simply walked. That’s not something we see in Klampenborg unless something is very, wrong. Here it was more the rule than the exception. The conditions was terrible. The bottom part of the track was more or less turned into a lake. Not just where the horses was running, but very, close, so the actual course must have been horrible and both horses and jockey’s were a show ofor it. I must say so did our shoes, trouses, and car for that matter, after driving on the muddy field that was the parking lot.
What started as very beautiful big and firery thouroughbreds was very quickly turned into a vet pice of “I don’t know what” I must say. But it was fun to see something different.It’s also different in the terms that the 1st.-4th. horse in is in the winners cirkel afterwards, and that’s up where that pacock is, like we had it in the old days. Another differnce is a huge screen in the mittle of everything. It of course made it easy to follow things, but in that lovely scenery it wasn’t exsactly pretty.
The final race of the day was a flat, and the race that made things break more or less even for Janne, as her bet came in first

By the way we had another fun expirience. Right after a race that ended in caos more or less, as God only knows how many jockey dismounted their horses in the mittle of the race, this guy came walking with a big lovely horse from the track. He called me and it took me some time to figure out that it was me he wanted. I couldn’t imagine what he’d want me for.As it turned out he wanted med to take a photo of him and the horse, which he by the way had nothing what so ever to do with 😉 He’s a photgraper and had taken photos on the track, when this lost horse came running without a jockey, and he was lucky enough to catch it. What was worse he left his camera so he had to deliver this horse and get down on the track again and retrieve his camera imediately. We got his number so we can send him the photo if it’s any good. But the film is not developed yet. I’ll aslo like to lilustrater with photos but have to solve that problem in terms af a scanner and later a digital camera. Now you get the story and photo’s will come later.
Monday we also went shopping and Tuesday I was going back home. Time had really flown, but then again it does when you’re in tood company, and we really did have a great time. Of other great shopping items was 2 CD’s for a very dear friend with a group I only vagely remember for one song – Sparks, a CD for Janne with Lionel Richie as a thanks for the stay.She had that as a replacement for the new CD with Erann, (Danish) which she to my great surperise didn’t like. I kept it for myself (I realy, like it), and I hope that Janne is pleased with her replacement which aslo was very good. We managed to hear it berfore I left and that way had an extra CD besided the two for myself. One was with a guy I discovered over there, as there was a song with him on the television. He’s called Will Young – and the song I liked was from his first album, and they had it in the airport wich was a bit of luck. The other album I boubht was pure nostalgia for me – it was with The Osmonds their Ultimate Collection. I was a great fan in my teens, but have listend to my LP’s so much over the years so at the end they should have been as thin as paper! IThe LP’s went out when I moved mostly in lack of space and then I have to replace with some CD instead. The song which is the intro on their site, was the song that made me fall for them back then 😉 So now you have a bit of info on me and my teenagelife also! The most brilliant buy was some indoor boots (like very warm slippers only boots) I suppose I’d have to call them. They’re fury inside and sueede outside and has a thin sole and goes up till under the big legg muscle. Now I don’t have to freeze my feet anymore.;-) Simply lovely to wear. I found them at Dorothy Perkins – Until next time, take care….