Beauties and a good day

Dorothy Dandridge (used with permission)

I wrote and asked Rene on for help the other day, and he very kindly replied. This morning I wanted to hear if he’d forgotten about me, but he had been on Christmas vacation. And of course he’s allowed. As it turned out it was a matter of “translation” between a system with my webhost supplier and wordpress that requiered a plugin, which he helped install and “presto” all is working perfectly, and without the little hickups and irritations from before. I’m ever so grateful for again having recieved good help. Who says people aren’t helpful – the certainly are. – Thanks a lot René!
Later later that morning I had a call from my dad, who wanted to come by with the car, so I could borrow it. That was great. Then I had to get hold of this guy who has redone the surface on my bathtub. It has been a lengty process that just keeps making trouble!!! And is driving me and him round the bend basecally. He was here just before Christmas, and now we can start all over again. The difference in color is much too great between the new and the old. So he’ll be here for the 4th. time the 4th. Thankfully he’s very kind and has agreed with me all the way. I wonder if that bath is ever going to be alright….. The same day, that is in week exsactly a person I’m really looking forward to seeing and talking to, is coming home from Christmas vacation….. normally time goes MUCH too quickly, but in these situations it’s going too slow.

When I had dropped my dad of at home I went to deliver af film. Now I figured out to get them on a CD as well, so I can use them on the computer as well and send them.
It’s the first time I do this. But in the future that’ll be the way to do it until I get the dream camera. We have to see, it’s a round birthday next year.

Afterwards I drow to Lyngby Storcenter where I had my watch in for repairs. Or rather they’d try. They couldn’t!! I had already been to one local store, where they couldn’t either. Could and could they didn’t have the buckle that was big enough for the strap. The problem was that the buckle on the strap was broken. I bought the watch in England, and it cost next to nothing but fun about it and the idea is that the strap and the face of the watch matches. Otherwise I could just have put another strap on. I had them change batteries in another watch. That would be around an hour so in the meantime I could go to the highstreet to have a look round. I wanted to se if they had any Christmas lights on sale. I didn’t find any Christmas lights but I did find another light with small lanterns for my balcony (99,- dkr.). And I had a gnom for 5 dkr. as well. That was cheap. In another store I had some long spoons for my Cafee latte e.i. 6 stk. from Bodum til 100 dkr. Such a stupid lilttle thing you so often miss.
Back in the center I had my other watch now with a new battery and thought about what to do next. I thought I might as well try the other watchmakers in the center. I did and in no. 2 I succeeded!!! It took her 2 seconds, and it only cost me 20 dkr. to save me, my day and my strap – super!But imagine, that in space age takes 4 visits at a watchmakers to have a poor litlle buckle for a watch strap – isn’t something out of porportion here ?? 🙂 I’m just asking but I’m glad I mananged in the end. So now I can wear my watch.

That over and done with, I just wanted to get out from that center with app. 1 mill. people in it. On top a toy shop had some arrangement out there and people were cuing up like I don’t know what just outside the watchmaker. Down the cellar and straight to the car and home….where I had “a date” with some lunch a film I saw the first part of yesterday about Elisabeth Taylor. It was called “Liz: The Elisabeth Taylor Story” (1995), and was a production for TV, but was actually very well played and gave a good insight in ET life. Now I watched it and afterwards I stubled onS for me an unknown star Dorothy Dandridge! I’ve never heard of her. Yet again a sad fate as it turned out. Halle Berry played the lead and did so bery well I thought. The film is called: “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999)”
The film among other things describes how she has to use a separat bathroom and can’t use the swimmingpool, and because she has dipped her toes in it, it’s emptied and disinfected, althought she is a major star in a big film – but she can preform there and live in a luxury suite. It’s very well described:
“She was everything America wanted a movie star to be… except white.”
She dies in 1965 41 years old of an overdose. Whether it was suicide isn’t known. Just like with Marilyn Monroe, apart from here is no conspiry theories. Lena Horne calls her “our MM” – that being afro Americans! If you look at the site about her, and the photo above, you’ll se a stunningly beautiful woman! She was the first black actress to be nominated for an Oscar. As you might know won as the first a few years back.
They are all beauties in their right so have a look at these beautiful women where some certainly proves that money dosen’t buy you happiness.
Now I’m very tired and has a substansial headache so I’ll have a bath and “strangle” “the animal” here, for sitting here more today is not doing my head any good. Unless I want a headache for the next many days, so I’ll leave you now, and hope you had a good and prosperous day too 😉 Until later….


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