Okay then most of this day went as well! I had a nap in my big chair, and watched some of a Harry Potter movie (I love Harry Potter, both as film and books), and a very interesting programme about this Danish guy in London who REALLY made it, – Søren Jessen he’s called and he has several top restaurants in London.Good job!You can read about his first restaurant Du kan læse om den første restaurant here.
I’m still not feeling well, but when I woke, I thought I felt a bit better – not realy so, as I’ve just found out. But I mangaged to buy an update for my virus programme and had some bits and pieces sorted on the computer. Now I’m of to the bathroom, and back on the sofa again. I decided to make a category for my friends abroad in English as well. Not every time, but some of it I’ll translate and make two of the contribution or whatever…I haven’t quiet decided yet how I”m going to do it, or if I’ll make a summery of of what I’ve written in Danish. It proberly will be the latter, as I’m afraid my head will fall off. I phoned the eye specialist, but that didn’t acomplish much as there was no-one there, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Remember I’d like comments here too, so if you haven’t got a login, write me. Bye for now 🙂