I read this article this morning, but I also saw it on the news yesterday, about 2 persons getting killed after driving into a horse. Of course the horse died too. I feel sick to my stomach..

I have tried (when I lived on Falster) – thankfully not driving into a horse – but meeting a pony on a totally dark country road at 10 p.m. at night. I’m very used to horses, but without any help or means of luring it (e.i. corn) it’s totally impossible and can be even if you have these things to catch such “a creature”. Before I could do anything it was long gone, unfortunately in the wrong direction, in terms of a busy road. I tried to knock on the door at the nearest farm to hear if they knew anything about it, but no response. In the end I phoned the police and they’d deal with it. I could hardly do any more than that. I was coming directly from Copehagen and was honestly very tired. And it was long gone anyway.
There has been quite a few episodes during the summer as well, with horses on roads – If people would jusst mind there fences, then we could avoid these things. It’s horrible, 2 people have been killed and also a horse has been lost, because people don’t secure their fence well enoughh.

Of course accidents happen, and we’re all human, but this is a thing with a bit of care, should be more or less totally prevantable.