Thursday is the day

..where all sorts happen. Something is happening with everyone. One friend is having her new sofa delivered, one is going for an X-ray and I’m having a visit from my bath top guy AGAIN – he is here as I’m writing this, a very special person is coming home today, and all around a special day. It’s one of my cousins birthday and my friends grandson is 2 today – he’s just so cute – CONGRATIOLATIONS!
The other day I had a stack of photos from this summer up until Christmas. The smart part was that I made sure to have them on a CD as well, so I could use them on the computer. But the smart part went right out the window, as my computer wouldn’t read the CD??? Yesterday I went to the library to see if their computer would – and no problem, so I had to upload all the photos to my gmail account and access them from there . But I have to figure out, why mine dosen’t want to read it. The tecnical stuff sometimes!!! One of the pictures I like the best is from The Old City in Ã…rhus, where I went during a visit to see my friend Birgitte:

That was of bit of summer scenery in the dark winter. I can’t say in the winter cold, as it’s hardly cold at the moment.
Yesterday I went to visit my friend Helle, who I made contact with recently after a several year break. She has been here once and and saw both her house, her daughter and her two cats, she just gotten for the first time. Of course I started out driving too far, but at least I knew it, when I did it, but then phoned Helle to comfirm – I had – so back again! Then there was no problems in finding it. I had forgtotten to take into consideration, that it would be dark, when I drove and it makes a difference. On top of that it was rush hour on the hightway – Ydrk! I’m used to lonely country roads on Lolland, so it’s a bit of a culture shock to drive 65 km on the hightway!!! 🙂 But never mind it all went well and we had a lovely evening, that went much too quickly. We found the old class book from when we went to school together – that was a lot of fun “do you remember him/her” and the most horrendous thing popped up from our memories – that was fun. We should have a book from the year after as well, with even more memories in it, but Helle couldn’t find it. Mine is in a box on Falster, where I want to get them from, before they get ruind, if it hasn’t already happend. The cats “Prop” og “Bertha” was adorable, as only kittens can be, one more devious than the other. Grey stribed little things, where “Bertha” very practical has a pink nose – and “Prop” is a very chunky thing, who is very aware when he dosen’t want to share things. He could growl worse than anything I’ve heard from a grown up cat – he’s going to be a lot of fun 😉 Absolutely lovely!!! That reminds me of mine when they were small. This is “Tutten” when he was small. A picture that was in “Kattens Værns” (Danish welfare org. for cats) calender one year:

Helle’s daughter Nanna (nine years old) was there too, and spend some of the time in her room.They have a brand new house, and very modern woodden house – constructed by an arcitect arkitekttegnet træhus. Very nice, but I’m looking forward to seeing it in daylight. The aerea was lovely and very handy for getting around and still peaceful.
Today I MUST take down my Christmas decorations, allthough it’s not what I want to do. As you’d know, I was meant to do it yesterday, but never got it done, so today is the day. So I’ll leave you and return.