My first CD

I’ve been busy today. I’ve done the washing, in the sunbed, at the doctors, at the pharmacy and shopping and back for the laundry. In the meantime I’ve been listening to music – my first CD ever. Not that I had to be without music before I had it. Not at all, I had a couple of hundred LP’s. I Bought it on a trip to London, but as to why it had to be that I can’t remember. I had a new awakend interest for the classical and have proberly heard  someting from on the radio from it, with the choir og Kiri. I bought it, and I have NEVER regretted it, it’s a genious CD, and even now after so many years, I have to force myself to get out of the car, and turn it of. That’s how good it is. Try the link, and scroll down a bit, there you can listen to bits of the numbers on it, and should you so desire, you can also buy it there.

Kiri Te Kanawa – Songs of Inspiration / Julius Rudel, Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Back home I wrapped som plastic bags round the Christmas tree and carried it into the cellar, and that was the end of my energy for the day. I’m “dead” now, and “for a change” I’ve got a headache. So that’s all you’re getting today. But for now I wish you a lovely weekend.