Not wasted at all…

I’ve been A GOOD girl today, realy, really good!!!I’ve managed more here, than I ever thought possible. On my blog. I’ve corrected mistakes, I’ve made myself, explored new patches, and found my way. I’m now visible on the front of this site 🙂 If that’s good or bad, I’ll leave up to others. But now I’m there. It might be changed, but now I wanted to try, and likewise I had something written about me too. Later I’ll put more about myself as well. So I’m right pleased and prould of myself for finding out so much today. I’ve put in a counter (free) as well so I can see if anyone comes for a visit. I know some do fortunately.
It turns out I have a lot of knowledge hidden, that I didn’t even know I had. But nice that the years on
Interactive Media & Marketing Accdemy haven’t been wasted 😉 No I knew that, but it’s still nice with that knowledge in the back of my head, now that I think it’s a lot of fun too. I hope you enjoy my earlier entry about Rocky.
When I sit down here, the day just flies by, and I’m all wrapped up in it. The worst is that my head can’t take it, but right now it’s okay. At around 11 I succeede in tearing myself away and pack down the last bits of Christmas and put most of the boxes in the cellar. A few left, but they’ll have to way until tomorrow.
Now I’ll go to my web bank and pay a very irritating bill, so I can get it out of my head, and don’t think anymore about it. And then the sofa want’s me badly!! Enjoy your weekend.
By the way some people were ever so pleased with my photos the other day, so I promised more, so here is a little something for the eyes.
Here is one more from The Old City, Aarhus.


Another faourite even though it’s some years back – an former girlfriends cat “Mille” – isn’t she beautiful?


With this good feeling, I’ll retire and hope you had you’re small and large victories, wether it’s over koding (we’re talking programming kode here) or other small or large things ;-).

P.S.: I put this here earlier this evening, and it wouldn’t work for me, but now it does so enjoy.