Rocky Balboa/Sylvester Stallone

The time has come for the new Rocky film to be released – “Rocky Balboa” (2006)!Whatever you thought of III, IV, og V, så er der ingen tvivl om, at både Rocky (1976) and Rocky II (1979), were REALLY good films, and Rocky as a concept was “a knock out” (ha, ha ;-)) idea, one that madeSylvester Stallone a billionaere. It has been said a lot of places that it is the ultimate story about the man who comes out of nothing an works his way up. “The american dream” and for some reason a lot of people in Denmark has a problem with it. You shouldn’t be more than others and we should all be so very equal. We are not equal and we never will be, and in my oppinion it’s alright that some people reach the ultimate goal and create something fantastic. I’d never envie that. On the contrary I admire it, and think it is fantastic when other people succeed. That’s why I like the story about Rocky and Sylvester Stallone as you can’t really seperate the two in the sense that Sylvester Stallon also came out of nothing more or less before Rocky.
I CLEARLY remember when me and a school friend went to see that first Rocky and how big an impression it made on us, and not least Sylvester Stallone as a man, and funny enough for me he has kept his attraction as a man for me until a few years back (just have a look at “The Specialist”!!!). Men don’t understand it, but more women do, and that’s fine. It properly equals why vi don’t understand what the hell is so atractive about Pamela Andersson – or I don’t anyway! 🙂 It’s not the big hits he has made in recent times, but he has made som really good films up in his time, a couple that springs to mind is Cliffhanger (1993) and The Specialist (1994) og ikke mindst Copland (1997), that I also think is really good. If you want to see what other films Sylvester has made, you can do it here. There’s also the Rambo films, but we can return to them when the new on of them comes out.
Some of what makes a movie is the music, and the music for Rocky is genious. It’s written by Bill Conti and gives a very special feel. Some filmmusic stays with you forever and you’ll remember it until the day you’re not here anymore. The music for Rocky is that kind of music for me. Before my LP’s went out the window I actually had the soundtrack for both ROCKY and ROCKY II. And it is among the stuff I want to get on CD, if nothing else the first of them. Another soundtrack I had was the music forJ “Love Story” (1970) which was sent over Christmas. That’s also the kind of music you never forget. You can buy and listen to bits of the soundtrack for Rocky here. Soundtrack for Rocky Balboa is here.
I’d better get a move on, I want to put the last boxes in the cellar and tidy up and do a bit of cleaning. I can add that music for Rocky is absolutely brilliant for cleaning, workout or just to get loads of energy from 🙂 and that’s not a bad thing.

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.