“Heart of a stranger”

O watched television last night after sitting here mucking about – AGAIN and having payed a very annoying bill and another smaller one too. When that’s said I’d hurry and say that I’m grateful for having the money to pay it. That’s the positive side of it.I
Anywy it wasn’t what I wanted to say. This film as I “accidently” stumbled accross, is based upon a book by bog, that I also have. It’s written by Claire Sylvia, who describes her feeling with a new heart, where she addapt characteristicas and behavior from the donor. The film’s called “Heart of a stranger” (2002) and has Jane Seymour (kendt bl.a. fra “Lille doktor på Prærien”) in the lead. The book is exstreemly good while the film is okay for creating a debate about it, but not more than that.But if nothing else read the book as I think it’s an important subject.
People who know me know that I’m agains organdonation/transplant no matter if it’s a heart or something else. We are not spare part factories and so much more than a body. Because you can dosen’t always mean you shall. The fact that you have to have tremendous strong medication for the body not to reject the organs tells me it’s wrong apart from the spiritual side of things. .
But do your nearst and dearest a favour and let them know how you feel. In DK we fill out a donor card, I don’t know if you do in the States and the UK, but if so then do wether you’re for or against donation/transplant I have.