Lovely phonecall

Today is one of those days where you just want to lie on your couch and wait for the weather to “pass” – or tomorrow comes or something. It’s raining and it continues to rain.On the other hand a small phone call had a big impact here today. My friends husband do window cleaning and is good at it, and I had mentioned to my friend that mine was in need of a good clean so if her husband would…. and he would and has been here today – and I’m now seeing things MUCH more clearly. I knew that they’re bad, but not that bad. Now we’ve agreed that he comes here regularily and give them a seeing to. LOVELY – thanks for the call and the cleaning! In that aspect a somewhat dull day had a good start.
Much worse is the story about the bath tub – another error!!!:@ He’ll come by thursday afternoon to fix it – but again he’s sweet, but it’s becoming somewhat of a hassle! But today I can have a batth so I’ll do that in a bit, when I’ve been to the cellar with the last boxes with Christmas decorations and then all my plants have to go back in place. As you know I have more than a couple, so it’ll take a while – as I might as well give them some water at the same time.