I suceeded in getting the last boxes away. Sound stupid that a few boxes should mean that much, but I’ve been very irriteted with them, and inspite of that I haven’t managed to get them down the cellar. Everything’s down there today. Now it’s only the rest in room in the adict. It won’t be tomorrow, as I’m having guests. My dad is coming for dinner and later my sister too, so I have to prepare a bit for that. Bake a cake e.i.Apart from the boxes I’be put som bottles into a coubbard that was on the kitchen counter, and then I threw the tray away as it was begining to rust. Not very nice, so I’ll goes and the bottles goes into the cubbard. Gives me a bit more space. So all in all nice to get done. I delivered the car to my dad and did a bit of shopping. I had to have some chokolate, if I want to make chockolate cake right? But I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. For now I hope you’re alright and enjoyed your day and the mild weather. I’ve just checked my temomether it’s 10,5 C degrees!!!