The one and only….

Yes there’s only one of him and I can’t think of anyone that’ll mesure up to him in any way. That be it looks, carisma and talent. He’s just fantastic – the man all men want to be and all women want – Of course I’m talking about Sir Sean Connery.
There is a runing of his films kavalkade med ham on the TV at the moment and yesterday I watched “The Presidio” (1988) that I hadn’t actually seen before. It was with both Mark Harmon og Meg Ryan too both of whom I like too.
I saw Sean Connery getting af for Sir Sean Connery from this summer where he was awarded a “AFI Life Achievement Award.” It has been given to other over the years of course, among them to another favorite of mine Meryl Streep. A lovely programme with a lot of clips from the films with SC. There’s no end to all the good people wanted to say about him, and that’s understandable. Even now in at realtively high age, he has a charisma and autorithy that not many have. As I started out by saying I can’t (and they couldn’t at the party either) think of anyone who has it all to the extend that he does. You just loose your breath in his prescence. That of course even more IRL, but cetainly on film too. When the showed clips from his films, you’re hard pressed to choose where he was at his best – but one thing is for sure he’s still a fantastic man in every way. It does take a very special man to be ranked as the sexiest man alive at the age of nearly 60, in 1989 – Sir Sean was!

And thank God we can enjoy him on film for many more years. Right now you can see him in The Russia House (1990) on TV2 Charliie thursday and The Untouchables (1987). tonight on TV and on the big screen its Indiana Jones 4 that starts shooting in 2007.