Was what yesterday was all about. My dad and my sister was here, so we could have a talk about what was going to happen on my dad’s birthday in March. Since it is his 75th. we thought something had to happen, but didn’t know what dad had in mind. We did agree that something was to happen, and have the major “structure” of the event planned, and then dad will have a think on some details.
Dad came for dinner, where I’d made salmon with a white Wine Sauce, carrots and sauash and potatoes. Really nice actually and dad loved it. So that was good. For dessert I’d made Nigella Lawsons Chocolate Cloud Cake. I didn’t put wipped cream on it as she does, that would have been too much. It’s a very lovely cake (without flour) that is any Choko hollic’s dream. But certainly only for special occasions! Enjoy.
All day went with cleaning and preparing the food and making the cake. I had to go shopping because the chocolate I’d bought wasn’t good enough and I didn’t have any butter. That was up and down twice.But at least I had some exercise and som fresh air, so that was ok.
Yesterday was also the day where and old friend from the race track had his one leg amputated. So the riding is over for him, I’d think. That and the horses was his life. So I’m a bit anxious about what will happen when he can’t do that anymore. Not nice no matter how you twist and turn it. I’ve sendt him a card as a small encouragement, a very slim one, but all you can do really.