Some photos from England

I’ve written about my lovely vacation in England i November (Just put in “InEnglish” today so have a look). I didn’t take as many photos as I’d liked, but mostly from our visit to Towcester Racecourse and I’ve now had the film developed. I’ve also tried to get hold of the bloke that I were to contact when that happend and either I can’t read or I misread the number, but now I’ll give it another go. Something has to be right. It’s a bit of a drag if I’m not succeeding now that we made the effort. I’ve sms’et several combinations of the number. But so far no luck and only had message that It’s the wrong recipient. Not I’ve just tried to phone different numbers. I wish he had my number…… Here some photos from the day at the races.
Hovedbygningen på Towcester

The one building/tribuneon on Towcester Racecourse


Manden med hesten ;-)

The nice photographer, who’d like a copy

of a photo of himself with a horse. In the background

the other building/tribune.

Udsigt over banen
View towards the track with the horses comming in.