The power of small things

I’ve been uninspired the last couple of days apart from being wrapped up in that book which I wrote about earlier today. My inspiration to write returned with the book you could say. If nothing else I could write about that. I’m still not tremendously inspired but I guess it’ll return.J
It’s a bit in every way I’m uninspired but then again there is bright lights in between. I was thinking if others think about how big a difference a little thing can make for someone else. Just a little thing like an sms in the rigth moment, a phonecall, an e-mail, that someone is thinking about you. It can’t only be me who feels that way? Right now I’m missing that sms or phonecall from a certain person that would make a HUGE difference. As it is there is circumstances that makes it understanderable why I’m not getting it, but I wonder if YOU know how much such a little thing can mean. If nothing else it inspired me to write about it here 🙂 You proberly know the feeling you have so much you want to say that you feel like you’re about to explode, and you’ve got nowhere to go with it since the situation demands conduct, consideration and patience? I admit – me and patience 😉 We’re not the best of friends but I have to learn, and I am! And I CAN do it and now it won’t be much longer…
A positive thing – I’ve been invited to Antibes. And I’m taking a trip down there. It’s a friend who works there at the moment but only for a limited period, so I’d better grab the opertunity while it’s there. So if I’m suddenly writing I’m going, then you know why. I’m actually going to look up prices now. It’s the plane for Nice I’m boarding – not bad eh?

Hm, you find the most odd things on the net, as you can see I’m 35% Irish 🙂

You’re 35% Irish
You’re probably less Irish than you think you are…But you’re still more Irish than most.