Totally wrapped up…..

The white Masai

in a book ….Yes I have been since I picked this up at the library the day before yesterday.I’ve read it without stopping hardly aparat from the most neccesary. It’s called Jeg har læst den uden at stoppe et eneste øjeblik næsten, udover det mest nødvendige. Den hedder The white Masai by Corinne Hofmann. It’s about how her life is turned upside down on a vacation to Kenya and she falls for a Masai warrior. It’s a very dramatic story, that also has been made into a film. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I certainly will. I wanted to before I read the book, and it was actually on the filmsite (a Danish one) I heard about it in the first place.
The persons have other names in the film (why they’ve done that I wonder!!!!) but other than that the film is supposed to follow the book rahter well. I’ve read about the film a bit here and there and people critisize the film to lack explanation as to how she could and why she chooses this drastic life change. That’s the whole point, it’s against ALL comon scence and she dosen’t even understand it herself. I think the book anyway is extreemely exciting and facinating. When I’ve seen the film, I’ll return…..