Normal polite curtisy….!!!


To me it’s normal curtisy to answer a normal nice and kind mail or whatever . Normally I don’t write stupid things that dosen’t matter, and of course I don’t expect an answer to jokes e.i.
But I DO EXPECT an answer when I ask nicely to peoples lives, health, and life in general or write about other sirious matters. I don’t understand what has become of normal polite curtisy! I have friends in the USA and other countries, and some of them, could be dead in up to several sad pieces, as I hardly get an answer to my letters. I might get an auto-reply from the computer that the mail is read, but I NEVER hear anything from the person in the other end! What kind of behavior do you call that! I think it’s lousy and if people didn’t know it before they do now!
People are busy – yes and so….it’s like it’s become HUGE bad excuse for BAD, BAD behavior – I’m tired of it – READ MY LIPS – TIRED!!
Treat others the way you want to be treatet – I doubt people would like the treatment they give me sometimes! For Goodness sake think about what you do
And yes it’s raining, and yes I’m in a bad mood right now, and it is because of BAD behavior – why does people dissapoint you, time and time again! I think I’ve become really good at expecting nothing from people, but someone you thought that much more of to “get you. Now I’ll leave and hope that this get’s sorted tomorrow – I’m upset – and I’m talking about something specific here, but in general I mean it damn it – think! You’re simply not allowed to be THAT busy!

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