Reslessness and red wine

Can be a bad combination – I’ll get back to that one!
My good friend Gerhard was here yesterday, as I mentioned It was very nice and we had a good time of it and being the nice man he is he brought me both a CD – Mozart’s Requiem and a lovely bottle of red wine! We chatted and had onion soup – which Gerhard loved. Lovely! He didn’t stay that long, he had a long way home. He’ll be having business in here more often, so he’ll properly come back soon.

Hund Derbydag 1992


I’m more dead than alive today. First I had a guest and then birthday at my sisters yesterday as my nephew Jens was 11. Lovely birthday that for sure and lots of red wine. Some of the guests had a dog that could be the one above here. It’s taken at Klampenborg (Copenhagen) racecourse many years agao, but that dosen’t make it less sweet, and the evenings dog guest was also very sweet but not very talkative – he was watching out for everyone! 🙂 A bit tipsy when I got home 😉 And restless, confused and a bit upset :-(.
I still miss a call and/or some news from a certain person, and even though I spoke to him briefly yesterday the level of information is far from what it could be. So I sent a few sms’es when I got back last night and I proberly wouldn’t have without the red wine. Not that I was rude or anything, just slightly insisting and cut to the bone about things. Thought I tried that already but…. ….. We’ll have to see if I hang for this one, but then so be it – I also have feelings/limits!
How dare I 😉

Today I’m going to – sleep!Or at least rest. I haven’t got a headache or anything, but I am beat.I have to see an eye specialist later and I don’t want to, but since they’re such busy people I’d better. It not until later, so I might manage to wake up a bit, but I doubt it. But the fresh air (the car is at the repair shop today of course) will help… see you later!
My good friend Nicolas called me from France yesterday. I haven’t heard from him since just before Christmas, when he wrote he’d return to me, when he got to Paris. He never did, and I had actually thought of him the same morning. He called and and I was pleased to hear from him, and asked how it all went, and he had to tell me, that he lost his mother the 14/1 quiet suddenly. She had peacefully slipped away in her sleep. Of course he was upset, and chocked and overwelmed and all sorts, like you are in that situation. I also lost my mum very suddenly in 2004, so I can really relate to how he’s feeling – simply awful.

He was up to his ears in paperwork and I think it’s all the practial stuff that makes you survive the first period. Later you get time to really grieve and belive you me, you do!

We had a bit of a chat and I offered to come for the funeral (she is being buirred in DK). Not for his mum’s sake, but as a moral support to Nicolas. I said he should let me know, if he wanted me to come.

That was a sad message to get.