Educate your children

I read this blog this morning (it’s in Danish, that’s why you don’t get the link), and I have to agree with him totally (it’s about different ecucational approaches and how one was more stupid than the other, and how you should set boundries for your children and teach them to respect others and their parents). It’s like children (in DK anyway) more or less rules everything and everywhere. I do like children – well mannered children more to the point. There’s nothing worse than the oposite. I don’t understand that parents don’t get, that they’re not doing their children any favours by having children so horrible that you think “Thank God they left”. It falls back on them – both when they’re children and when they grow up, and haven’t got a clue what are. good manners/normal politeness er. Think about it be good models for your children. It’s hopefully not the case that all parents that have horrible children, haven’t learned it themselves because then we’re in trouble. Do yourself, us and last but not least your children a favour be good models for them, and educate your children.
My sister is due for some praising on that account – Her 2 boys are as well behaved and so sweet as you could want, so thanks to her for that and them. Have a nice day and enjoy the sunshine!