Atitlan Søen i Guatemala


“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” — W. Durant

Now I’ve been to see Apocalypto. (please have a look at the website, it’s fabulousI really don’t know what to say but – Wuh! That much I will say. Don’t go and watch it if you have bad nerves or are squeemish at all. I normally am, but I looked the other way when something like that happend! It’s a though deal – that’s for sure. When that’s said, and it’s the way it has to be, exstreemly well done. The acting is faboulos, and the scenery, costumes, make-up, effects – all is tip top. I will thought agree with another review of the film, when they say it dosen’t deserve 6 stars. Dorte and I agreed that 4 had to be it, and that’s because the good Mr. Gibson tend to get stuck and dwell too much on the same things. Personllly, I think he had the same tendency in “Braveheart (1995)” that otherwise is a good film too. In that he just had the fighting scenes go on eternally, and you’re just fed up in the end, and for my sake much of that could have been cut out. It’s a bit the same here, but not only fighting scenes. You’re taken to the climax and fall down with a bang, you sort of laks the orgasm and the afterplay – to stay with those metafores. Then I haven’t said too much…. By the way it’s not filmed in Guatemala, but in Catemaco which is in Mexico. As it happens I can personally garanty that the jungle in Guatemala looks exsactly like that. I’ve been in Guatemala in 1996, on a trip that took us to the Maya’s old sacred places. And yes they did make human sacrifices – and I’ve personllay seen places where it was done. It’s not taken out of the blue. It was a though society in many ways. But there has been left writings and drawings and a lot of other stuff in the fantastic pyramids e.i. in Tikal (by the way try and seek on Tikal på Google – there’s loads of exciting sites about it) where I’ve been. It’s only a fraction of the pyramids that have been dug out, and if you know a little about the jungle, and how it spreads and grows it’s understandable. But I’ve been there and stood on the top of one of those fantastic pyramids, and have photos to proove it. The problem with them is that they’re not digital and I’ve only got a few scannes in. But all in due course and then you have lot’s of photos, when I’m going to write about my trip to Guatemala. You have make do with one of the best from Atitlan Lake, where it’s incredibly beautiful, and it is generally in Guatemala.

But what all the fuss is about, I don’t get. The Maya were a brutal people also. Of course they had a lot of differnt sides as many other people, but think about the Northamerican Indians – don’t you think they had some bloody battles – they scalped people too! What are they supposed to say then? It can’t be that hard to understand that it very ofteh were you or the other guy and that for life or death, and you fought for land and food in a totally different way. And in a lot of ways the Maya’s were a very developed people and way ahead in a lot of ways in that period. So I don’t understand what all the hauling is about. As very wisely said, the film shows the though side of life, and that’s okay. I’ll say that INSPITE the few reservations, you’re never boored not for 3 secounds, you’re sitting at the edge of your chair actually, so the 139 min. it’s on for doesen’t feel long, it’s not that.

It’s a visually great film, and a film worth seeing, although it would suit Mel Gibson to control his inner wariorer just a tiny bit 😉 – You have a loo, and tell me what you think 🙂