Another week is starting, that’ll end long befor I get to gribs with it’s started. Weird how fast time passes. Sat here way too muich yesterday. It’s difficult, when you have so much you want to get done and a health and a head  that’s not following.  Well I’ll have to take it one step at the time, and I try to, but I’m impatient, when I’ve set myself a goal. I’d like to have the English verion up and running, and I have started uploading for the ones who are  using that and then all the “filling” has to be moved and things. Not difficult as such, I don’t think. I had help the first time, but I’m trying my way round it slowly and I suppose I’ll manage. I’ll tell you when I get that far.
It’s snowing QUITE a bit, and much more than on the photo, it’s become worse since that was taken. I’d call it a snow storm now. I’m meant to go to the pictures tonight, with my friend Dodo. We’ll have to see how the weather goes. If she want’s to delay we will, but if all goes according to plan we’re going to see “Breaking and Entering” with Jude Law, as we got a bit hooked on him, after seeing “The Holliday”. But I’ll write more about the film and all that when I’ve seen it. Now I’ll go and do the dishes and have a nice hot bath, and then relax until this evening. My back is not too good after sitting her so much yesterday, so…. have a nice day, indoors!!! 🙂 By the way I had a weird expirience yesterday, I bumbed into and old friend at the pizzaman’s place yesterday. No one said anything or did anything, so nothing happend, I was wating for my food, and she was picking hers up. Weird as we’ve known each other since we’re 6 years old, and live right round the corner from each other. Actually amazing that I haven’t met her before now, after living her for 9 months….