More Apocalypto “spoilers” read after seeing the movie!

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The Film is still in my system this morning. No doubt about the fact that it has had an very hight impact visually and with the sound track. There are some very powerful effects in use.

It’s just irritates me, that there are these historical i.e. inaccuracies. When you make a movie that without doubt has cost a small fortune to make, why not make the effort to get things right down in DETAILS. A lot of them are “small stuff”, but things that to me is irritating to read about afterwards, and there’s not reason for them, seen from the movie side of things – not in my oppinion anyway. Just one example is smallpox that is mentioned in the film, and it didn’t arrive until the 16th. century with the Spanish. They’re also show coming there at the end of the film, and I was sitting there thinking that something was wrong .

On the other hand I learned something on a key issue. I didn’t think or thought that the Jaguar, can be black, but it can. I knew that the black panter actually is a leppard, (who still has it’s spots). but the same can be true for the Jaguar – I’ve checked this morning. By the way our main character in the film is called “Jaguar Paw” (Rudy Youngblood). I also got wiser on the fact that it was actully more the Aztecs rather than the Maya that sacrificed people to the Sun God. But they did sacrifice prisoners the way it’s shown. So two things mixed together. And why not do it right. The Mayan culture and history is so very interesting on it’s own that there’s no reason to change it.And a thing as to have a solar eclipse just before a full moon the same evening… hard can it bee not to make mistakes like that – eclipses only come after a new moon! The Maya’s had great astrological knowledge and when I was there we saw some fantastic exsamples of that, in the way they build their temples to make the sun hit special spots in certain time etc.

It was still an expirience to see the film, and I still have this great Mayan Warrior before my eyes – there you can talk about “a real man” and a place where tatoos for ONCE looked brilliant 😉 (Normally I can’t stand the bloody things), but I don’t understand why they don’t take the extra time, and do it properly, instead of changing things that are not neccesary…….. do you?