Weird day

I don’t know why I think, it is a weird day. Maybe because I’ve been in my own little world and haven’t really spoken to anyone. Woke up at 4 a.m. totally confused and of course couldn’t fall asleep again. Got up and called a friend who’s on night shifts at the moment, and then I was due back in bed – also had this thing on, before hitting back to bed and going out with help from a tablet.

Got some sleep, think it was 8.30 a.m. when I woke up, but I was still not really awake. Sat here fiddeling with things for hours and was somewhat near hysteria as I couldn’t get certain things to do as I want. I think I’ll have to read the instructions. I found out that centering photos is a very bad idea, unless you want the whole thing to go pearshaped . I tried to make a link site with fine rose at each category – I should NEVER have done that. Went totally “bananas”. And it has to be possible. And I’d also like my comments to be shown here on the front page, and that I can’t figure out either – I know it has something to do with that feed – I think so anyway, from what I’ve been able to pick up here and there, but I don’t know. I have a cunning plan to ask one of the skilled ones . But gennerally I’ll have a read.
Went for a walk down town and had some sun, and then I went to Fakta, and did a bit of shopping for the dish mentioned before – only to find out that I was out of onions when I got back – “bugger”! Never mind now, the food was delicious and tasty, and I’ll get some onions tomorrow.
My little “thing” from the other day is no different. I’m not upset or angry anymore, it’s not in me to growel for days over things. I HATE being on unfriendly terms and having an atmousphere, So I’ll properly forgive him, if I hear from him. He’s a lot like me that way, he’s not one to growel either, so I think I will. The question is when, and how and in what state he’s in. I actually miss him, but I also know that before he’s ready nothing good is going to come out of it anyway. It’s nice when you “melt” just by hearing someone’s voice…. that’s the way I feel about him, and always have!

As I told you the other day, I ran into an old friend. I didn’t say hello, and that has it’s reasons. I’ll say that people can get so much on the wrong side of me that I get enough, and that’s what has happend there. BUT if people are large enough to appologize then I’m certainly villing to forgive them. But it does take an appogy in this case – I think she knows that and she knows where I am, if she should feel like it.
For now I’m concentrating on getting into shape. I’m going to see my doctor as something is the matter besides astma and a lot of other stuff, I shouldn’t get that winded all the time, it can’t be right. I’ve decided that I’ll start on a fitnessprogram when I get back from France and I’ve found somewhere affordable. Unfortunatlely is a bit of my track but I have to live with that. When it comes down to it, I have the time to go back an forth.. I’ll spend at least 2 mornings on that. And then swim once a week, which should do the trick I think. If nothing else I’ll feel better in my back again. I used to swim once a week when I lived in Nakskov and that was great. So I need to get started again.