About Deborah

Her you can se, what the name Deborah means, og who she was a long time ago:-) And when you’ve done that, you can read about the person behind this site underneath.
I’m born in 1962 in Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany. Spent some time after being born in a childrens hospital, I was born too early (due 22/10), the 14th. August 19.30 p.m., and was as such already impatient then 🙂 I ended up being a Leo, and should be a fairly typical one. My earliest childhood until I was 6 years old was spent Topasvej in Herlev in a small house, that was a lovely home to us. About a year before we moved, my little sister arrived. Vi went to get her in Berlin as well. I do remember some from that trip.

With the larger family and a new school, we moved to Hellerup, where we had much more room and lovely souroundings. It was a great house to grow up in. In the household was my dog at the time Sniffe a lovely tiger stribed boxer I had when I was sick when I was 2. Later a lot more dogs came. We manged to get through quite a few among them “a monsterous” big yellow Granddanois,, When I say monster It’s true actually, as he was a bit of a handfuld and later had to be put to sleep. It was inherreted and later the same happend to his father who also was a beautiful black dog. sort. From the same place we had a Yorkshire terrier, called “Robin”, who my mum loved, and a lovely German Shepard “Chang”. Have walked my shoes to a shred in Bernstorffsparken with him and my at the time best friend Helle. When we wern’t at the riding school Rideskolen, we were there.
I did go to school, but school has always been an ordeal for me and for many years just walked away when I couldn’t take it anymore. Then there were no policies or plans for bulling. On the intellektual side, I did surprisingly well all things considered.
Later I went to business school Handelsskole (lwas in another location then), and I was okay with that, apart from it was here things turned hard on the intellectual side, and keeping it going was incresingly hard. I wanted to stop, but just passed.
Later I had my office training, and worked with that for a lot of years. Around 1987/88 I had the idea that I wanted to go to England (Croydon, Hathaway Rd.) and work and live for a time. Not a huge success but all things considered okay. I was there 5 months. And the expirience havent gotten rid of my continuous love of England and everything English.

I lost my job, and wanted more space and the only way I could get away from my flat in Skovshoved, was to move south and that’s how I ended up in Horbelev on Falster. The house as okay but the location was bad and not at all what I had, had in mind.
Then followed a long period with illness. From then on, and up til now I’ve had “permanent passport” to the hopsital and the doctors. I won’t bore you with it, just say it has been tough. But after a period of illness I had a activering job in the Danish Toll office and I was pleased with that. Of course I had to stop berfore time as I again had to go into hospital.

Later I had to find something to do and as I was already then very interested in computers, I decieded to take an education as Multimediedesigner. AT the time you could ONLY do it one place at IMMA. There was only one big hitch about that, it’s in Nakskov. It was way too far to drive from Nordfalster to Nakskov every day, and besides to expensive. so I bought another house in Nakskov. To put it mildly it wasnt a super house, but the location was somewhat of what I had imagined from the start. Nakskov is a lovely city, that I was very found of.
That move and the edution was luck in unluck for me as it visualised that I couldn’t cope with the normal way of things.I did have my exam, again just, but at the same time I had a breakdown. That started and investigation into my health, and I had my pension in 2004. It has been the best thing that has happend to me, now that it can’t be any different.

Later I’ll put some photos here to illustarte things.