Love is what it’s all about! Didn’t you know that, then you might find out one day. Not Not just love in a romantic sense, but between people generally. I always believed that! now I saw that a lovely girl like Susanne Bjerrehus does too. And when asked “What is lov?” (here more romanticly meant) she answered::
Does the person make you happy, sparks your happiness, and wants all the best for you, well then you found love. Does being near the person make you happy or are you feeling better, when you’re alone? Is it that simpel the intereviewer asked – and yes it is, Susanne thinks, and I totally agree. In so many words does your partner make you happy and does him/her want the best for you and support you? And the other way of course. Then you’ve been lucky!
Love has nothing to do with abuse mentally or fysical – if you live in something like that get the hell out! Rather today than tomorrow.
Marriage/relationship is a cooperation you have to work at together – if only one is working for it, it’s no good. Both have to contribute. Is your partner helping – are you, are you a good partner? Important things to ask yourself sometimes.
A little telling of in the mittle of the night almost, but people throw themselves, their feelings and children around like other people change underwear – please think about it and work at it, it’s not something that just come witout an effort.