To get into shape

I’ve been out cykling today and thank God I like it. I have to do more of it, and try as hard as I can to get into shape, was the message from the doctor – with “into shape”, is also loosing weight, and I KNOW all this. And I’m doing it! When I get home from France, I’m starting the fitness thing. The visit was to sort out if I had a problem with my heart – and thank God I don’t, just the oppesite, and the blod pressure was super too 🙂

I cykled down to the doctors, and I went to the library as I could see, I was down for at book I thought, I had already handed in. It later turned out it’s in the car!!! Embarrasing, well as long as the darn thing turns up, that’s the main thing
Other than that I’ve been her at the computer. I found all my concerttickets and have written them in “Koncerterne” (will be in English later) and later I have want to write a bit about the concerts. I thought it could be on the same page, but It can’t! It’ll have to be entries on it’s own somehow. It’s amazing what you forget, and what you suddenly remember, when you’re sitting here writing stuff like that 🙂 Later I’ll illustrate with some photos and such. I still lack the famous scanner and a proper camera. But time will provide I guess.
I have also put a list of sugestions for presents here – it has to be said that it’s far from finished. Now I’ll go relax and plan som HEALTY dinner, with what I’ve got. I have to get rid of things before leaving, and the finances don’t call for anything else.