A long, but good day… and “Before women had wings” (1997)

Today was the day, where I started exercising, if nothing else at home. I’ve got several work-out videoes, so one of them, were put into use. It all went fine, and I’m much more confident about it all now.
I’ve also eaten the allowed amount of points today – not all of them, as I need to have my dinner too, but I’m motivated and happy. So all is well.
Should have been out driving with a friend today, and visit her horse. We agreed to postpone until tomorrow due to the weather as all considered had changed somewhat from yesterday so I’m going tomorrow.
On the other hand the exercise must have given me loads of engergy as I’ve been at it since this morning. Doing some washing by hand, done the dishes, and sorted the kitchen and installing anti-virus on the computer and seen a film with Oprah Winfrey in a good small part. It’s very though, but really, really good. I can highghy recommend lending it on DVD/Video, but DON’T watch it with your kids, it’s very thought, but exstreemly well played by all parties. It only had ONE big fault, and that was tears were flooding, and you really didn’t want it to end. I have written something about the film on IMDB too.
It’s called “Before women had wings” (1997) and is about this family who lives during poor conditions in the i 50’s in USA. The father goes and shoot himselv. It shouldn’t have been a great los, as he beats the living daylights her wife. When he finally makes the effort and shoots himself (he has treatend to several times), his wife crackes completely. It about how they get on after that. You can buy the DVD, Video or book here her.

Now I’m tired. I’ll rush out and have some dinner. I’m going to have a spot of potatoes, turkey breast and some shredded carrot.