Tomatoe Soup

Inspired by what’s in the house, and what I fancied, I made one of my favorits today – hope you get inpired too:

2 onions
2 tsk. olivenoil
1 drop chili oil
½ dl. vegetable brot
½ liter low fat milk
1 small potatoe
1 large bayleaf
1 glove garlic
400 gr. = en dåse hakkede/flåede tomater
2-3 spsk. tomatpuré

Roast the onion till clear, and add tomatoes, tomatoepure, garlic, potatoe, and brot. Boil for 20 minutes and take of the heat. Pick up the bayleaf. Stir in the milk, and add a drop (could add real chili from the start) chilioil. Give the soup a go with the blender undtil smooth, and serve with frech bread or what ever you like. Bon appetit.

This is a small portion, so if you want to feed the whole family, add up. Her is app. for 2 persons depending on wheter you serve for lunch/as a starter or as a dinner course.

Tip: If you want to mild op the somewhat “sharp” taste of the tomatoes, add half a teaspoon of sugar to the soup.