In love

…. Yes not in a man, but in a horse! 🙂 Yes that’s possible, especially when it’s “a hunk” like the one I saw today. His name is “George” and he’s quite adorable – if you can say that about a horse who is male. Never the less he is what you’d call ” a puppy” in his behavior, just sweet. He’s a bundle of charm born in 1996 and an English Thoroughbred – and to add to it, he looks very much like my first horse. Very, very beautiful. Hm, I can even get to be the proud owner of him, if I can se my way out of the financial side of it. But I don’t expect I can. We’ll have to see. I have to have the big calculater in swing that’s for sure!! Needless to say, that I feel that we belong together 😉

“Hera” my first thouroughbred love/horse
(not taken by me, but my first boyfriend ;-))

That was a lovely day with a lovely horse – and his stable mates, and afterwards we had lovely tea and homemade cake! Underway Susanne and I had a good chat, and that’s some time agao since last, so that was lovely too. I had the recipie for the cake, – and I’ll share it with you later. Yummi – I tell you! I hope you had a lovely day too.