Today 3 years ago

The above foto is taken of my mum in 1992 in my first house on Falster. I had her 62nd. birthday there for her. The weather was as you can see absolutely fantastic and we had a lovely day in good company and had lovely food.

Today it’s exsactly 3 years ago I lost my mum. She had a stoke and was 68 år years old – way too early, and she only had 2 months where she didn’t work. Mum somed, and had done so like a small industrial chimney all her life. She was by now a minority as neither dad or myself can take smoke and had stopped ages ago. My sister has fortunately never smoked. My dad stopped when he was 60 from one day to the other! I admired him for that as he was a heavy smoker. Mum knew it wasn’t good for her and as she was fed up standing on the balcony, she had decided to quit (she had cut down to more or less nothing) the weekend before she died weekenden (where I visited) and she proudly told us. And of course we’re happy about it for several reasons. It was just too late. The smoke had (In conjunction with fatty foods) damaged mum too much (she wasn’t overweight). I suspect my mum had a doctors fobi, as I can’t ever remember her going, and she obviously should have had som advice from him. I tried all I could and explain the connections, but it was as if she didn’t want to hear. And then there’s nothing more you can do.

But if you want to avoid an early grave, then don’t smoke- you won’t feel the damage as long as you’re young, but as soon as you get to even my age, it starts, and it causes inrepreable damage to your whole system. You should also watch you’re blood pressure and you colesterol lewel. In mums case there was nothing to do, she fell over and lost conciousness and never came back. But start with prevention eat as healthy aas possible, don’t smok, and check your blood pressure and colestrerol lewel. And of course do some exercise. Everything helps.It’s a comfort to know that mum didn’t suffer and it all went to quickly, but it was too early…. Today we’ll send special thoughts to her and know that she’s with us in her heaven 🙂