Friends when you’re in need

“Garbo” copyright

It so wonderful with the nice girls and guys you meet in there due to your blog ūüôā NI had imagined how my header would look but didn’t have the right equipment to make it. Imidiatly Anita stepped in and helped me, and made is just as I wanted it. So exstremely nice of her! Thanks very much. Nor her or I are super with the coding, so we couldn’t get it on the site, but I hope another helper can and there hasn’t been the thing she hasn’t been able to deal with until now. That’s fantastici ūüôā

Other than that not much. I woke at 6.00 which was way too early, so I read a little in my bookbog, that is just really good.I very quickly got tired agian and even “Garbo” thought it was way too early to wake up. I fell asleep again and slept until 10, and was woken up by her, for now she wanted breakast, which was fair enough I suppose ūüėČ Before you’ve heard how high she can “scream” you would think it wasn’t true *Laughing* So up I went.
Today is one of those lazy ones, where I’m not going to wake up entirely, and where I have aches and pains, and I’m not feeling too well. So I’ll just stay here and not do much, and I sort of have, with a little help I’ll have a super header – have a nice and relaxed Sunday out there!