Grey in grey

Tuesday came and in an hours time I’m going to meet my sweet friend at Østerport St. She lives in Nørre AlslevFalster and for that reason we don’t get to see each other that often. But we often speek on the phone, and when we do see each other we thoroughly enjoy et. Normally I sleep over, when I go down to see her. I’m now realising that I haven’t offered her to do that, and feel a bit sad and ashamed about that, as she could have done so, without any problem…:-( But since she’s coming in here due to a bad arm and has queite a bit of pain, it might not be the best to sleep in a strange place, when you as it is don’t get your sleep at night. So the sleep-over we’ll do some other time. As it is, I’ll pick her up at and drive her for some tests and investigation at Parkens Privathospital, where she has to see a smart doc (investigation – for what we’re not sure about but most likely operation!). This is due the waiting lists in the normal system. Afterwards I’ve planned lunch at Café Jorden Rundt, But I’d like the weather to clear up – It dosen’t look like it’s going to whatsooever not l!!! – The idea was that we’re going to have a fine view out over the sea… as it is it’s all grey -hm! But we’ll go anyway as there’s always something to look at and the food is nice. We’ll go to the one in Charlottenlund.
I’m now sitting here trying to wake up! I’ve been awake at 6 o’clock again and again I decided that that was way too early adn slept until 7.45. I’ve given “Garbo” her breakfast and I’m now waking up with my Caffe Latte that I endulge myself every morning and enjoy very much. I have to keep an eye on the intake, as I’m having lunch out today. I have to choose one of the healty options, and there’s plenty of those. For now you have a nice out there…