Winter lair

Today has been lazy, mostly due to my pains that haven’t become better during the day, but not worse either. Them and the weather has done that I haven’t done much today – and the weather certainly calls for hibernation! Have talked a litlle on MSN, with one of the new netfriends and that’s always nice, and I have to be riminded not to sit her too long as it’s so nice. If I do, I’ll pay the price all of a sudden – and even after knowing me for only a few day this person is nice enough to remind me. That’s very, nice I think.

Through the day I have tekst-conversation with my friend in Jutland – the phone would be easier – well maybee but it works better like this and we’re happy, and we can do it whenever convinient, much easier than the phone.

A good friend had to tease me sent the shortest mail of the centery – it contained one word. But he has never been the big writer, that much can be said for him. It was mostly a bit of fun, but then we had a bit of a talk on that account….. so it wasn’t so bad so it wasn’t good for something else.

I’m sitting here wondering about what I can be bothered to make for dinner, and what I have in the house. Due to the weather I was not going out today, and my pains were so bad that I properly hadn’t anyway, so the choices are limited, but I will get fed.
I’ve sent info about my homepage to the family members I have an email for, so I’m a bit excited to see if anyone will pop round and say hi. That would be nice. We don’t see each other that much so I think that the internet is a great way to keep in touch, and there is a few who has, and that’s very nice – you know who you are – thanks! 😉

Now I’ll go and scan the pantry and the freezer and get dinner prepared before I watch the regulars every night “Murder she wrote” og “Hearbeat”. I didn’t manage, so I’ll have to do it at the same time 😉 – Have a good evening.