A scent of summer

Here in the winter cold, it’s nice with something that reminds you a little of summer. One of my newest scents (Be delicious from DKNY) certanly does just that. I had it for my birthday last summer, or rather I changed something else into it. I had a lot of speculation about it. Should I choose a scent I knew, or should I choose a completely new one. I did choose the latter as you undersand, and couldn’t resist this scent that mainly is build on the scent of green apples – and that is deffinitely the scent of summer .
Other than that I’ve done a bit of washing up, and called a friend to hear if he was snowed under – he wasn’t 😉 and then I had a bath, and made myself a bucketful of vegetables. They can be a soup, as they have been boiled in lots of stock, or they can be company for some chicken I have in the freezer. That’s todays meals more or less sorted out – I’m not going out in this weather 🙂 It’s still snowing!