I wonder if all my net friends are frozen so much that they can’t use the keybord, or what’s up, for the fact is they’re gone. No-one online and no new entries… or hardly any. Hm, could be that some of them are busy round the house , now that the weather is the way it is. I dug myself through stacs of papers that neede sorting out, and some needed to be thrown out. That was SO nice to get done. Now you can see my desk 😉 No you could before as well, but there were piles of paper and in the draw as well. Now it’s sorted and most of it has been put in place. Just a tiny bit missing that needs to go. I was interrupted of something so unpleasant as those weird aches and pains that surfaced Tuesday and apparently think they wanted to come back in full force…..Hm! I really don’t think so, so I pulled myself together to do the last bit and then I went to take a painkiller and relax. That brought up a nap on the couch too. I managed a spot of dinner too, but as I said I do need proviantation by now.
In between it all I’ve been in here to look for people in here and on MSN, but like I said there hasn’t been much life anywhere… Now I’ll go and see what I can find to watch on the telly. If nothing else there is Barnaby later 😉 Have a good evening.