Exploding arms?

Chris Dickerson i klassisk bodybuilder positur
Chris Dickerson in a classic bodybuilder positure

I saw the title on this programme (documentary) yesterday , and it litterly was called “The man whose arms exploded”! I thought it sounded “a bit” over the top, but currious as I am, I had to see what that was about. Over the top it was, for it wasn’t quite like that, but grotesk in any case – read for yourself.

The main person in this documentary (where you can read the whole story too), is this guy called Gregg Valentino! He started life having the not very great card of being exstremely small for a man 167 cm tall – el. low rather. That is very small for a man.To illustrate it I’m 162 cm – and I’m small for a girl. Well anyway his selfesteem takes a dive (he admits this) (uh that can be dangerous – called the Napoleon Syndrome) on account of his hight and he starts to do bodybuilding. That could have been fine, in small dosages, but the problem is, that he gets addicted – and HAVE TO be the greatest somehow. Since he is so small there is limits, but he then comes op with the arm thing and pumps them up to grotesk dimensions. It has to be said that this under no circumstances is possible without anabolic steroids! And he PUMPS himself with them in completely unheard amounts. This is not me saying this, he does himself. Not only does he eat them as pills, he injects himself directly into the muscles! This abuse of course has huge consequenses. He gets and infection, and since he is not too careful about hygine it ends up very bad. This infection gets absolutely out of control, and he almost dies and has to have an operation. Not only that, but he is also getting a divorce as his criminal life style (he’s also selling the drugs in huge quantities), and later gets a girlfriend who is a drugg adict and who dies from that in year 2000 – Yes so things are really going great!!! You can see a clip from the film here her.

Gregg Valentino

The programme is not only about him, but about Bodybuilding as such. And how it all got started to get popular to start with – one man was the catalyst for that and he’s called Arnold Schwarzenegger ! Don’t you go thinking that Arnold was an angel!! He competitor (he actully beat Arnold on stage) Steve Michalik, stopped with the steroids after a bad heart attack (he had several and was operated just like Arnold has been) and a huyge liver tumor. When he stopped his testosteron level was the same as in a girl ages 12 and his testicles was the size of a wallnut. He now has a traning center WITHOUT steroids!

The programme also goes to see an English guy Mike Hart, who has experimented with all kind of steroids and even used his own son in these trials, and he thinks it’s only with extreem use that you get sick from it. He too has had a heart attack and an operation- But he dosen’t think that’s because of the steroids, even though it has been prooved that they give these kind of sideeffects
Unfortunatly the horror scenearios is not enough to keep the young men from wanting to be like their idols – that goes in terms of the steroids too! In England 20% of young men has tried them. And there is women bodybuilders too! But don’t get me started 😉