What was hidden in the basement

Actually I think it’s easier to tell what wasn’t. It was taken in use, when mum and dad moved from a house of over 400 square feet to an apartment of 1/4 that size. They’ve had a long and active lives with their own company and my mothers collecting/saving gen – so there’s a lot in that basement!

The days “search” brought out the last pieces of clothes of my mothers (mum passed in 2004). In this bunch evening dresses, coats and jackets. Some could be thrown in the box for charity and some had to be thrown out. I can tell you that even when very nicely put in plastic bags and in a cupboard, it can obviously still be ruined by being in a basement.

A very old suitcase turned up, and my old dad kept asking me, what this and that was, and I had absolutely no clue. The suitcase turned out to contain the letters/telegrammes etc. from my parents wedding – so that’s almost 50 years ago. Mums bridal gown and the shoes that matched was also there. Needless to say that wasn’t given away or thrown out. I’ve taken the suitcase with the letters that I didn’t know existed, but I shouldn’t really be surprised since mum kept everything my sister and I sent her too.

There was run out envelopes from my dads company, vacumcleaner parts, electrical cords and all my drawings from when I was a child – my mother kept every single one. Some was drawn on and old letter from my dads first company, so that was fun, and couldn’t be thrown out;o) It wasn’t. But nothing of what I saw was great art. And noone but dad can be interested I gather. But that’s the least of it. This was on go to the salvation yeard, and there’s at least 2 more if not 3! Nor dad nor me is capable of what we used to, but now we got started.

Home again I’ve relaxed – I’m ever so tired at the moment. Had a bath and then I’ve spoken to “him” – he’s got a bad cold and had of course been very busy. But he said he’d call me tomorrow – and of course I didn’t protest about that.

I had a lamp today and then I have some paintings I’d like to get up too. I think I’ll do something about that tomorrow…. Like I said, the basement would inspire me 😉

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