The content of the suitcase

My mother with her father and mother in
the garden on their farm app. 1953


As I told you the other day I found this suitcase in the basement, when dad and I had a clear out. I thought it was “only” telegrammes from their wedding – lderen, da far og jeg ryddede op. Jeg troede jo “kun” det var telegrammer fra deres bryllup – 25th. May 1957. There were lot’s of them, and I again would wish I had that dream camera, so I could illustrate with bette fotos, as they really are from the highlight days of the telegramme. It’s a tradition that has been rationalised, and no longer exsists, and I find that really, really sad, as it was a fine and festive tradition. I clearly remember how exciting it was at my confirmation, where I was lucky enough to get real telegrammes. There is one really lovely telegramme after the other. Not only do they have fine fotos/drawings/paintings on the front, but very often also on the inside too.


Among the Wedding greetings I also found one from New York, USA – one of mums friends at the time, got married to a baker, and she sent this nice greeting to them, on the Weddingday. I imagine it was a big thing at the time – I again appologize for the quality of my fotos ;o)


Mum was a lonely child and as such proberly extra close to her parents. Grand mum and dad lived up north, in Thy in Jutland, both my parents are from there. They had a lovely farm up there – I’ll return to that at another time., and mum and dad moved to Copenhagen. So most of the content of the suitcase is letters from my grandmother and grandfather to my mum. I should think mum has kept all ot them, as she has everything we have sent to her. This is just one of the bunches::


My mum have saved a lot of things, that’s not very usefull, but this suitcase full of letters is a nice thing to bumb into. I haven’t read that much yet, but just stumpled upon this letter, that’s written in June 1964, just before my mums birthday, where my grandmother tells my mum about them finding their best cow dead on the field and that the slughterhouse was kind enough to come an collect it. As she wrote – it wasn’t that nice to have the carcass lying around….. So I learn avout their lives too. So think about what you throw out. Right now it might seem worthless, but many years later it could be extreemly valueable.

This entry is written in great gratitude to both my grandmother and grandfather, and not least my mother!