My kind of guy – Ray Quinn

I read it this morning and I saw it on tekst on the television this morning. And I hadn’t a clues as to who Ray Quinn is. Since he had mangaed to take number one on the English Chart over Take That I had to see what that was about. In his site you can hear the music, and you can on MySpace too. Ray has been in a Star-wannabe show in England called X-Factor, and has now made this album with old crooner songs from, fra Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis among others. First I thoght that it wouldn’t do, but I must admit he has a fantastic voice. As the older generation I prefer the original Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies etc., but I do think he does a very good job and he is a fantactic ambasodor for what I consider “real” music, and absolutely something that wont hurt young people to be introduced to, so in my eyes his success is well deserved and a good thing. Have a look and listen – he has a voice that makes you melt – even me, like the “old bat” I am. 😉

But Good Old Blue Eyes, is a huge favorite, and not even another of my favorites Michael Bolton, can change that. His newest album is called “Bolton Sings Sinatra” – and no I prefer Frank anytime, and if I had to choose between Michael and Ray, Ray wins – and those who know me will tell you that says a lot. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My kind of guy – Ray Quinn

  1. Thanks, I’m quite pleased with myself as well, and now that I’ve got this plugin, I can see that people actually read them too 😉

  2. Pretty cool that you’ve translated some of your posts as well! I thought of doing this on my own blog, but haven’t really got around to it, yet…

    Well done!

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