Lovely day, but long


It’s been a lovely day and I got the kitchen sorted before going to see Dorte and I went, as we agreed on 2 o’clock. The first photo is from a road I always loved a lot, partly as a motorist – not so much more after they’ve made it smaller :), but more so as a rider, although the bridge where the train runs over has been a challenge. On this road Hvidørevej, there’s these big houses behind a lot of trees and stuff, and it has always been a challenge to see how much you could spot through the leaves. The next photo is one more of the fantastic houses.


On the way I noticed how much everything has come out the last couple of days and cought this nice branch on the way.


A bit further down I naturally arrive at Bellevue Beach, as I always like more without people on it. An that’s how it looks when you look north and south where you can just see Knus Rasmussen. I have more photos and more to tell, but honestly I’m falling off my chair here, so for now that has to be it. I hope you have enjoyed the sun….:)