Luxery and worn out charm



On the way to my friend, you meet this house. “Søholt” has always drawn my attention and is just the kind of house I love. Before I grew up, and got aware of prices, I had proberly imagined that I should live in a house like that. Not nesccesarily by the sea, but a house in the same style. I like the water but it has never been “a must” for me to live close by. But I do admit that it has become more attractive over the years – the water thing that is. So now I’m happy – 5 min. and I’m by the sea.

Furhter out of is “Villa Maud” – just the name is fun. And that is also the style of house I like. It’s empty and has been for quite a while. It’s been sold for 17. mill dkr. and then just to leave it empty. But like we talked about they’re proberly waiting for permission to tear it down. Dortes boyfriend is an architect an proberly think I’m crazy for finding it so charming. But new is not always better. I think it’s a hame and love the “worn” charm but I’m aware what that could be hiding 😉



Besides “Villa Maud” this building liles, and as far as my friends boyfriend told us, it shoudl have been won in a bet, dismantled and shipped to Taarbæk from (I think) Stevns, and put back together. With the tearring down those kind of facinating stories dissapear. It’s not any less charming than the main building and also have “just that” what attracts me like a magnet. The grounds goes from the street all the way to the water, so it has a fantastic view from the back garden. I didn’t manage to go down there yesterday, but have been another day. I’ll try sneaking in another day and take some photos.