Pictures from the start of the seasson

Cloths drying in the sun

when the horses have run, the get a wash and then you dry of in the sun – lovely!

People really enjoyed themselves

The jockeys in the Paddock in their colorful shirts

“Good Girl” after winning the 4th. race with Jockey Nicolas Cordrey

At the winner cirkel I found these orange flowers – I couldn’t resist them

I love the siluette of the trees and the blue skye

“Finish First” in the Paddock

Lovely when a lot of people come and enjoy themselves

“Tbird” in the paddock

As you can see it has been a fantastic day on the track. I went down there when they’d been at it for about an hour – I still have a temperature, so I thought I’d better take it easy. No need to mention the weather, you can see for yourselves on the pictures. It was more summer than anything. Wonderful. None of “my stars” for the day had much luck today, and that was simply due to unfortunate circumstances. But we have just had two wins so…. Susanne and Toby came down too and that was really nice apart from the fact that Toby is developing into a somewhat of a little terrorist. Especially towards Helles “Speedy” I looked after at some point. She’s a bitch and Toby discovered that! She was quiet fed up with him in the end. We went up towards the stables when the races finished. Helle needed her dog back, and we had a chat too. In the end I helped get the horses in before I left.Det endte da med, at jeg hjalp med at få heste ind, inden jeg kørte hjem. I took Jason in. By the way I had the remark of the day today, that I was quiet pleased about. I was told that I had kept well during the winter :d – that’s not the worst anyone has said to me 😉