Nice company and lovely food


Later I had to go to St. to pick up Karin again and then on to Parkens Privathospital. We arrived on time and I had to go back down, as they’ve put machines up for payment of parking on Øster Allé. And a fine we certainly didn’t want. I put some money in the machine and went up again. All was well and we drove toLyngby, where I’ve found found this restaurant for us to eat Big Mamma’s Pizza House“. I’ve been to check the menu and forgot to take “lunch menu” into account. But we ended up having very nice Salmon cotelets with tagetelli, pesto and herb butter. It was really nice.


Afterwards we drove back to my place, and I looked for a bakery, so we could have cakes with our coffee. I didn’t stop to think, that there’s a baker straight round the corner from me. And his strawberry cakes are even better! Never mind, we had a good time. And if nothing else we could have a good laugh about me who’s been having “her head under her arms” all day. and yesterday too appearently. Among other things I’ve let my keys sit on the outside of the door!!