Balcony dreams


I’ve talked about these boxes I wnated to buy. I did try over the net yesterday, but the system didn’t work. I had thought I’d call and all that. But then today I got all excited after reading about garden joy and an article about balconys.

You have to start somewhere, so I started of by cleaning up out there. Later my dad came by with the car, and close to where he lives I found all the plants I thought I’d need, so I bought them for under 200 dkr. – so that was affordable. On top I boutht a huge amount of dirt (you can se it under all the plants 10,- dkr. – for 50 ltr.). As you can see “Garbo” thought she had to help.


Then there was the buying of the regid boxex and I ended up at my local, where I payed what it would have cost me on the net, because she on her own account was nice enough to give me a discount. And I know I’m getting things that are 100% okay.

I have vacumed the whole place thouroughly and have been down town again to get the boxex, as they had to get a hole drilled in them – also a sevice you’re hard pressed to get anywhere else, and then I thought you should se, how my view looks compared to a while back. .



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