Flowers and bombs



As said I bought the flowers and the flowerboxes. I had planned to wait with the planting. I had just been sitting having a chat on sms,when all hell broke loose. There were several sireens from ambulances or something and the sound was coming my way. Fortunatly it’s normally very peaceful here and that’s why you wonder when something does happen. It was just on the other side of the railway tracks. At that point I didn’t know that it was a bomb thread. But from the number of vehicles coming that turned up, I had a feeling. Unfortunenately the station building is in the way for a good look, but you get a glimpse of them coming with the sireens going. The fact that the station was sealed of hightend my suspisions that it was a bomb thread. I had to go down to get my flowerboxes that was still in the car. When I got down there was (a very handsome one 😉 ) policeman on my side of the tracks (on my street, and what could be more natural than to ask him. I did and it was as I suspected. Shortly after they were gone, without anything or anyone blowing up. Wether they found anything or not, I don’t know, but if I see anything about it, I’ll let you know.




By the way I had a nice chat with a new resident here in this part of the block who is going to live at the bottom floor, where an old lady used to live. I know this girl a bit and have often talked with her son. He’s really cute. She now lives further down the block now, in the top apartment like me, but now moves down to get the garden. She’s really nice and said that she thought we should do some barbequeing when she gets sorted. That sounds good to me and so did the housewarming she mentioned. Nice with lovely people.
After I stopped by the new resident I went up and planted my boxes. It’s going to be nice. Of course I couldn’t do it without getting dirt into the apartment, so the vacumcleaner to spring into action just now. Now I’m fed up, and I’m tired. But lovely to get it all that done. Tomorrow I’m planning to relax before all the activities on the tracks and in the stables all day Saturday.

By the way I have now found out that when I photograph with marko, the ISO settings has a bit to say too.