Jockey Club Cup day

The new fence has been completed

Some fantastic buds on a growth on the fence towards the track

Morning work out

A chat on the way back

“Finish First”

“Jason” and “Finish” – this time on the real pen

The tree on top of the bunker

The bust of Ritmester G.A. Clauson-Kaas (the founder of Klampenborg Racecourse) iin the Paddocken

The bell that tells the jokeys when it’s time to mount the horses

The girls do a lot of lifting

The boxes for visiting horses towards the tracks

The restaurant “Højen”, where you normally find me

Some equipment in the store on the track

Chefnyer – a special bit, to take the horse in when you walk

Orange blomst i bed ved “Højen”

The Jockeys on their way to the paddock after the bell has rung

“Trans Vision” in the Paddock

Per Anders Graaberg on his way up on “Trans Vision”

The finish of 1. race

Cockerspaniel puppy

Even weed flowers are pretty

Here close up

It has been a long day, but a nice day – again. I went down the tracks at 7.15. “Garbo” had made sure that I if nothing else didn’t overslept 😉 Well then I might as well drink the cofee on the track (I had the car), so I made myself ready to go and left. Sat and watched a good deal of work. A bit in the car, but it dosen’t give you the same as when you’re standing out there and can hear them coming…! It properly gives you more the feeling of almost riding yourself. When you’ve tried it, you might understand what I’m saying, but it was a lovely morning. It wasn’t as warm as I expected and when your just standing you still get cold. So I drove home to fetch a jacket – just in case. I was happy I did later when it was pooring down and got pretty cold. When the racing day ended the sun came back again – off course!:( And I remembered the binoculars I have. Right – and do you think I could find them, when I got home – Nope
😮 I haven’t got a clue as to where I’ve put them. And I can’t even remember if I’ve seen it after moving, so they’re proberly in a box somewhere. Hm! It’ll have to be next year then! !

When I came back Helle and René had arrived and they were going to do some work on the track with “Finish” and “Jason”, so I helped them groom and get ready. The left and before that Helle had said that I could take “Game Boy” out for some grass if I’d like to. And of course I’d like to, as you can watch the track at the same time you take the horse for some grass. Now there’s just the little matter of him cooperating, so a simpel thing as to get his cover of is somewhat of a job, but we got there at last and we went down for some grass. When the others finished after a job well done they joined us. The three bandits are in the travelling boxes that are used for horses coming in for races and as such they have to move when the need accurs. It did today, so they went in the pen.

When that was done Helle went home and had a shower. I had decided that I couldn’t be bothered to go home. It had already gone 12.30. I had even brought a book to read, but I never got to that. I went towards the restaurants and the weight and thought I could take some pictures.

There were a lot of exciting races on today. The first race was especilly interesting as Mariannes other horse “Tbird” was staring.He got a 4. place, so that was fine. The secound race was won by a incredibly beautiful horse – “Kronhjort”. I’m not keen on the name, but the horse is lovely. The 4. race was also intersting and especially because “Paramax” was in it. Susanne was taking him round the paddock. After the race I was pretty sure he managed a 2. place, but Susanne thought he was 3. I was going with Helle up and putting covers on “Finish First” and “Jason” as it was now raining a lot. On the way we met “Paramax”, Susanne and Thomas, and I was right, he was 2. – to congratiolations! The next race it was an acqaintance of mine racing that was exciting. “Marron”, who really made himself seen in a very good way he was 1. and 2. all the way and ended up wining – I really brilliant race and a big congratiolations to his owners! I did get to tell them later.Next race was Maiden series and as such unknown teritorie. Next it was the main event of the day. “Dansk Jockey Club Cup”, which
was very exciting.”Calistoga” won, but we didn’t hear anything from”Tertullus”, “Sibelius” with others when it mattered. The last race was for the aprenttuce’s and amateaurs, but by now I was so cold that I wasn’t paying much attention. It’s rare for me to feel that now the racing can end. I did today as I was freezing. After it did end we went up and put the horses in, gave them their dinner and THEN home for a shower and some food. I sat down in my bitg chair and went out like the famous Christmas candle, and woke up at 10. Now it’s late and I think my bed and I will do each other good. But it has been a good day and I’ve met a lot of nice people and talked with several today too. Really nice and last but not least I finally got my Derby winners list from Dorte. I need to get it transformed, and then I’ll put it here as soon as. Thanks to Dorte.

Tomorrow I’m going for a trip to Metro with my dad and I’m picking him up 9.30. Sleep well…