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The morning started with me stumpeling out of bed. I was beat partly because of yesterday and also becauce I had to take some of my painkillers yesterday. That’s never good. So I was more dead than alive, and that’s why I only take them when I’m in quite some pain, as they make you all dizzy. Anyway when I finally got to the street I saw our other tree down here. Or actually it is one of 3 flowering trees. We have the magnolia and the lovely Prunus serrulata and this which I havn’t a clue what is, but some of you might know. It’s very pretty though and they are all right under my windows. That’s nice. So I took some photos of it. Then on to Metro with my dad. The had a sale of plants and flowers. I can tell you we wern’t the only ones with the same idea. But it all went quite smoothely. Dad got what he wanted and I wern’t going to buy anything really, but “by chance” I bought a couple of things too.






When we were wll out of there dad wanted to buy me luch on Da vi var vel sluppet ud derfra, kørte vi hjemover, og far ville så give frokost på the pub, when we got home. He wanted to do it at Metro but forgot about it. Never mind as I’d rather go to the pub. Stupid me forgot to take photos of the lovely food – sorry guys. In some situations I haven’t gotten used to being able to take photos whenever I can. But you have to believe me it was very nice. There was heering, pork tenderloin with onions and cucumber salad, Æg with a curry mayonaise and bacon and a fish fillet and brie and normal cheese. We couldn’t move afterwards. We each had a beer and afterwards we had water. By the way we came too early so I wanted to show dad Vthe track and wanted him to seethe horses. So we went down there and waited for them to open for lunch. We saw some doing a bit of work on the track which was good for dad to see too. And we met Bent, who like dad is from Jutland, so they had a chat about that ;-)Very nice guy Bent, and always up for a chat.

I forgot to say congratiolations with “Kronhjort”‘s win yesterday , so if you’re reading this Bent – CONGRATIOLATIONS!! 🙂 – No I’ll remember to tell him when I see him again. He was out walking with one of his horses. Lovely to see.

As such it has been a lovely morning and a lovely lunch. I was tired as it was. So a lovely lunch and a beer didn’t make me less so, so the sofa was up next although I should have gone out on my balcony. The sofa won and I had a good nap. Now I’ll go in and get some coffee and relax with the telly. And I hope you had a nice day too.

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